Best Ways To Get Revenge

Top 10 Ways to Get Revenge – Quick Jump


The following is a list of websites that offer ways to get Revenge against people or companies that have done something wrong to you. The list has been compiled by searching the Internet for what we feel are the most effective but legal ways to get revenge on someone. The topic of getting revenge tends to have a bad connotation associated with it, but we feel often times revenge is warranted, specifically when the legal system does not provide people with adequate remedies for something that has been done to them.

Not only does the legal system often not have laws to protect people for certain things that may be done to them, but even when it does it’s often not logical to pursue a matter in court due to the high cost of attorney fees, court fees, and the cost of your time take such action. Further, depending what injustice has been done to you, suing someone or threatening to do so may not be the most effective way to get revenge or payback. Especially in today’s age of the mass publishing of data through the Internet and the speed at which it can be done, we have found some of the most effective ways to get revenge or payback against someone is to file complaints or reports online telling your story about what this person or company has done to you. The advantages of taking this route seem to far surpass the other option of taking legal action (even if that’s possible). Although in certain circumstances we do think taking legal actions is important, such as if you feel you are in physical danger, or someone has cost you significant monetary losses in which case you may have the biggest opportunity to get payback or compensated for your losses in the legal system.

With that says here is our list of Revenge / Payback ideas. We have listed them in priority in our opinion, although depending on your particular situation some methods may be more effective than others. If you have any questions about your particular case feel free to contact us here and we can suggest what might be the best option for you.

Top 10 Methods for Getting Revenge and Payback:


Rip off Report is ranked number 1 mainly because they have been around the longest and provide a quick, easy, and effective way to get revenge against someone. Rip off Report allows users to file “reports’ about people or companies that have done something wrong. It is a free service which also is a bonus. They allow users to post reports anonymously which can be beneficial if your privacy is important because you feel there is a risk of further damage to yourself by filing a report about someone. In general though, we feel it is most effective to not hide your identity because it adds a lot of credibility to your report if you let people know who you are and your a real person that was damaged. The downside of allowing anonymous reports, and as one of the few negative things about Rip Off Report is that by allowing posts to be anonymous it open the door for a lot of false and inaccurate claims, and we have found there is quite a big group of people who dismiss reports on this site as meaningless, especially when they are posted anonymously. The other problem we have with Rip Off Report, and something you should know before filing a report because it is a very important issue, is that they have a policy that ALL reports are permanent. In our opinion this may be slightly unethical, and may not benefit users who make reports. First, if a report is false and is damaging to another person or company, with their policy of “all reports are permanent” it seems like “based on many law suits filed against them” that there are a lot of fake, false, and inaccurate reports on their site. We feel that this is damaging to their reputation and unfortunately weakens the effectiveness of the “real” reports. Despite that, we still think Rip Off Report is a great starting point assuming your claim is true because it’s free, quick, easy, and effective. In general, when reports are filed on their site the start to show up in various search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. So then when people search for the people you are reporting the report you filed shows up and then the world can see what has been done to you. This type of Revenge is particularly effective because it brings the truth about bad things people or companies have done to the masses, and often times this is much more effective than going through the court system where much of the information about cases might not be available to the public, and almost every time the cases are settled and there is no record of the injustice the person or company did. By publishing your story online there is a permanent record, almost like a hit on their credit report, but in this case it’s a hit to their reputation, and well deserved if they did something wrong! To file a report on Click Here!


Get Payback is a relatively new site but despite that we have it ranked #2 because we actually think in terms of ways to get Revenge online it may be the best option. It would likely hold the #1 spot if it weren’t so new and had more history like Rip Off Report does. We have analysed both sites, as well as some of the others to follow and compared their business models, policies, and effectiveness and believe in these three areas is the top website for publishing stories about things people have done wrong to others. It may be only a matter of time before Get Payback holds the number one spot, but time will tell. If we look at the three factors mentioned above you will see why for these reason we think it’s a better solution than Rip Off Report and some of the other sites below:

A. Business Model: in many ways is quite similar in “basic” concept to Rip Off and others, but they do a few unique things that we haven’t noticed any of the other sites doing. First, we found given their name, “Get Payback”, the sites lends itself to a broader group of people to post “Claims” which is what they refer to the stories published on their site. So to Get Payback a “claim” is quite similar than a “report” on We tend to like both the name “Get Payback” and the concept of “Claim” better because “Rip Off” is very specific, and while you may seek revenge on someone who has ripped you off, you may be looking for revenge to a variety of other reasons, such as (Being Scammed, Being Lied to, Stolen From, Treated Unfairly) just to name a few, but essentially the name and concept lends itself to file a claim for any reason, whereas with Rip Off Report it would seem strange to file a report about someone who lied to you, because that isn’t a Rip Off.

Another point in the “Business Model” area is that offers a second unique service that we have yet to find another company to do, although I am sure others will catch on and copy them. But this service involves taking your “claim” to a higher level and creating a dedicated website about the person or company that has done an injustice to you. This service is obviously a paid service, although we feel the cost is nominal compared to how effective it is, and they offer multiple pricing options depending how “creative” you want to get with your website. But this concept in general we feel is one of the more innovative and quite genius ideas we have recently seen. In short, by creating an entire website about a person or company vs. filing a “claim” or “report” the results are significantly higher and faster. We believe this is due to how search engines treat content. When you have an entire website dedicated to one topic it seems search engines value that higher than just a simple page as part of a larger site. We have looked at some example of these types of sites that has developed for their clients and the results are astounding. Here is one example: Do a search in Google for “Chris Roemmer” ( You should see a page ranked in the top 3 usually number 1 ( which is one of’s website clients. We think the results speak for themselves!

Chris Roemmer” ( You should see a page ranked in the top 3 usually number 1 ( which is one of’s website clients. We think the results speak for themselves!

B. Policies: In this second area, we feel has taken a much “higher road” position with their policies. They have what appears to be a much stricter policy against false or inaccurate claims, and unlike ROR they strictly allow users to remove claims they post, and also reserve the right to remove any claims deemed false or inaccurate. We feel this is a much better and ethical set of policies because yes of course we believe getting revenge on someone is fine to do, but we also think there needs to be restrictions on it. If you write something damaging to about someone that is false or not accurate, that IS NOT REVENGE, and is in most instances illegal (defamation). Because of the policies has, assuming they follow them (we couldn’t find any evidence they don’t) we feel it maintains their reputation as a better source of reliable information which in terms adds value and legitimacy to a claim you may file. You can read more about their policies and the terms that users agree to when filing claims on Get Payback here: Terms of Use / Service.

C. Effectiveness Lastly, in terms of effectiveness, we feel Get Payback may be the most effective way to get revenge, partly for some of the reason described above (Reputation of Claims, Building Custom Websites, and general policies) as well as they seem to do a bit better in terms of getting visibility for their claims. Certainly for the dedicated websites, although there is a fee, the results far surpass any of the other sites that only allows claims posted as pages on their sites. And even for their “free claims” we have noticed that in most cases their pages rank higher in the search engines than there competitors. We have found this by looking for claims that are similar or posted by the same people on multiple sites like these, and in almost every case the Get Payback claims rank above the similar competitor claims.